Atlantic® HLB-H Disks, 47 mm (24/pk)

Atlantic HLB-H 47 mm (Pkg of 24)

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The polymeric HLB (Hydrophilic/Lipophilic Balanced) media in the Atlantic HLB Disks comes in low, medium and high capacity formulations. Atlantic HLB-H High Capacity SPE Disk is designed for aqueous samples with high organic content and Extraction of EPA 8270- Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds. These disks can be used for drinking and waste water applications. Common applications include semi-volatile organic analysis and EPA Method 1694 (pharmaceuticals and personal care products), endocrine disruptors, and other emerging contaminants in wastewater and drinking water.

  • Proven to be a fast, efficient and economical alternative to LLE for extracting SVOC's from aqueous samples.
  • Specially designed with pre-filters to prevent clogging of the disk when extracting samples with suspended particulates.
  • 'Certified for Automation' Atlantic SPE Disks are QC tested in our labs to guarantee that you receive the highest quality results when used in conjunction with the Horizon Technology SPE-DEX® 4790 Automated Extractor.
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