Atlantic® DVB-D Disks, 47 mm (24/pk)

Atlantic DVB-D Disks - 47 mm (Pkg of 24)

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The Atlantic DVB (divinylbenzene) polymer is a pH independent reversed-phase media that is listed for use in the newly released EPA Method 525.3. The Atlantic DVB Disk has also proven effective for the analysis of EPA Method 8270 and 1694, endocrine disruptors, personal care products, pharmaceutical residues, and other emerging contaminants in surface waters and drinking waters.

  • Proven to be a fast, efficient and economical alternative to LLE for extracting SVOC's from aqueous samples.
  • Specially designed with pre-filters to prevent clogging of the disk when extracting samples with suspended particulates.
  • 'Certified for Automation' Atlantic SPE Disks are QC tested in our labs to guarantee that you receive the highest quality results when used in conjunction with the Horizon Technology SPE-DEX® 4790 Automated Extractor.
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