DryDisk®-R 65 mm (100/pk)

The DryDisk Separation Membrane is a revolutionary technology to replace Sodium Sulfate for drying solvent extracts.

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The DryDisk-R Separation Membrane is a disposable sample preparation membrane that provides a fast and simple approach for removing residual water from non-polar solvents. The DryDisk-R is used in place of conventional sodium sulfate (Na2SO4) drying technique.

The ringless design of the DryDisk-R is made to work with the SDS-101 Solvent Drying System and the DryDisk membrane holder assembly for the DryVap Concentrator System. The thin efficient DryDisk-R membranes are opaque and white and are separated from each other in the package with translucent glassine interleaves.

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