DryDisk® 65 mm (50/pk)

The DryDisk Separation Membrane is a revolutionary technology to replace Sodium Sulfate for drying solvent extracts.

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The DryDisk® Separation Membranes offer a much more efficient means of drying solvents in organic extractions than sodium sulfate. DryDisk is a physical separation rather than a chemical process to remove residual water from organic solvent extractions, thereby eliminating the problems inherent with chemical drying such as retention of water-soluble compounds, over-saturation, clogging, oven drying, messy waste removal, and the inability to handle emulsions.

The convenient to use disposable 65 mm DryDry Membrane is designed for large volume solvent extracts to remove residual water from Liquid-Liquid Extractions (LLE).

The disposable DryDisk Barrel is designed for small volume solvent extracts to remove residual water from Solid Phase Extractions (SPE)

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